5/20/15 ­ 5/30/15

The Salts was an experiential dance project drawing inspiration from live music experiences by Erin Kilmurray in collaboration with Molly Brennan. A brave foray into the infusion of contemporary dance, TheSalts performed a set of high­velocity dances to distorted guitar, driving bass lines, wild vocals and heart­ thumping drum beats with the spirit, prowess and the explosive performances of iconic frontmen.

Sharing the bill with local bands and guest performers, The Salts was an exercise in engaging the audience outside of the typical­ like seeing a band’s performance from the inside of the kick drum. The Salts consisted of Erin Kilmurray, Josh Anderson, Mikey Rioux, and Katie Graves. The set was designed by John Holt, Ellen Willett served as stage manager, and Lori Crosthwait performed alongside The Salts on several evenings.